I have to answer questions because I was tagged or chosen or cursed by Danielle Ariano to do so. I’ve also paid the favor forward to three jackasses — one of whom didn’t give me anything with which to promote his most recent endeavors, but two who did. These two fellas aren’t your average jackasses — they are TALENTED jackasses who both recently published books. If I were more sapiosexually-inclined, well, I still wouldn’t be attracted to these guys because they’re dudes. Duh. But more on them later…


1.)  What Am I Working On?

I’ve been divvying up my writing hours between three things: working on my age-old graduate thesis (Hit the Ground Laughing) and turning it into a much longer piece of literature. I’ve also been writing about sobriety-induced insanity in odd little bursts that are both sporadic and compulsive in a way that feels vaguely familiar. And lastly, I’ve been keeping up with this blog. This latter endeavor for no better reason than to remind people that they should pay attention to me.

Ahem, over here.

2.) How Does My Work Differ From Others in the Genre?

I don’t know. Shit. I will say that my narrative often swings between two extremes: ridiculous humor and intense solitude.

3.) Why Do I Write What I Do?

As grammatically hazy as this inquiry is, I suppose my answer would have to be what it’s always been and will likely always be: I do think I have something to offer, especially now that I’m clean and sober, but even before all that. I mean, I have no qualms divulging the details about, say, the Star Trek rap my best friend and I composed at the age of 13, or about the first girl on whom I had a crush, following her all over the halls of Richmond High School like the awkward, creepy Trekkie-kid that I was. I think my non-uniqueness works well in this regard. After all, someone out there has similar tales of adolescent geekiness who can totally relate to mine, right?



4.) How Does My Writing Process Work?

Well, since I’m so often stuck in my imagination, I usually find my essays in there — oftentimes in a brain-drawer I haven’t opened in a while. Once I think I’ve got hold of a decent idea, I go to my computer and start typing away. I don’t have a set schedule because I’ve never had a set schedule. I will say that even when I don’t feel the urge to write, I try to sit down to do it anyway; usually, something comes of it.


Without further ado, I would now like to introduce the two writers to whom I’ve paid this blog-thingy forward. Check them out. Buy their books. Tattoo their names seven centimeters from your crotch. (I dare you.)

Dave K. is a writer and artist who lives in Baltimore. His work has been published in Front Porch Journal, Battered Suitcase, LOOP, Artichoke Haircut, Seltzer, The Light Ekphrastic, and Welter. He also self-publishes through Banners of Death Press. Keep up with him through his blog ( When he’s not writing, Dave K. is a future Boeing design for a long endurance, high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle.


428017_650097023384_207973997_n MNIH cover


Austin Wall once upon a time had a therapist who quit her practice completely after meeting with him for two months. He works at a children’s shelter, writes in bars (but doesn’t smoke or do drugs), and loves sports, opera, and video games. His motto is: when life hands you lemons, squirt them in the eyes of your enemies. His previous works include the play Satan’s Shadows, the collection To Better Days, and the novel Deviant. He lives in Austin, Texas, but has once called Baltimore home (by choice), as well as Philadelphia and Lafayette, Indiana. He is single and is planning on putting whatever money he makes from selling this book toward putting an end to phone calls from student loan collectors.

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